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Faba's Big Hairy Gash

Here's another hairy Caribbean girl courtesy of Rico's World who has a big gash. There's lots to see and this girl Faba adds some great value.

Just check out the hairy snapper she's got!! How could she not add value? These shots are from one of her excellent galleries that starts out with her lifting her dress and showing her underwear.

But I like the part better where we see her spreading her juicy cunt lips. Wow, that's pretty amazing, isn't it? I love checking out the ones who have thick forests and big pussy lips. Always a favorite, right?

You can see more of Faba and see the entire Hairy Carribean Girls Collection exclusively at Rico's World.

Check Out Saba

Here's a nice little sweety called Saba. She's in the back alley spreading her hairy snatch, and wouldn't you like to have a friend like her?

Saba looks pretty hot in this gallery. And her pussy looks very inviting from the front or the back. She's slim and cute and I'd love to have her as my girlfriend. We need to fuck!!

You can see more of Saba and check out the entire Hairy Caribbean collection exclusively at Rico's World.

Hairy Babe Lila

Lila looks fierce in her pretty dress, showing off her sexy legs. She waves her tight little ass around then takes it all off and shows the fur. She spreads her hairy pussy wide and Sean R. was there to capture the hairy spreading magic.

Everyone seems to like this little chick so far. She's cute and she has a nice ass. And definitely not a bad little spreader either. She looks pretty amazing when she shows her pink. Her cunt would sure feel pretty nice, eh?

Lila is 30 years old and weighs only 88 pounds. She's a part time model and says she gets totally turned on when a man gives her good perfume. But how many times can you do that? It would be way easier to just bring her some candy and then spin her on your dick.

So far Lila has 10 photo galleries and 2 movies available. She's also got a rating from our fellow hairy pussy lovers of 4.6 out of 5.

You can see more of Lila and plenty more hairy girls at ATK Natural & Hairy..

Hairy Caribbean Milf Silvana

This hairy milf Silvana looks like some average woman that you could pass by on the street and you wouldn't even realize what a huge muff she has.

But holy shit, once she gets her cunt out.. man, just take a look at that muff!

Silvana has a bunch of nice galleries and she's got a hairy ass crack, too. She also looks quite horny.

Towards the end of this gallery there are the usual series of photos of her from behind, and it seems like she's almost saying hurry up, stick it in already!

You can see more of Silvana and check out the entire Hairy Caribbean collection at Rico's World.

Hairy Teen Tandy

Tandy is all smiles and exotic curves. She sways her hips around and spreads her thick thighs. This dark and lovely goddess has a hairy man stoker made to milk. How'd you like to have this chocolate honey rub her hairy slit on your dick for a while?

She's only 18 years old and as you can see she's got a very nice body. She's a student who loves Paris, loves sports and going out. She also likes to do it doggy style.

Tandy looks like she is built for sex. She also looks happy in her galleries and seems to be very approachable.

The last time we checked she had 10 photo galleries and one movie available. You can see plenty more of Tandy at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Elise Cunningham

Poor Elise Cunningham was just about to close a big business deal when her potential client noticed her hairy legs and backed out.

Boss Rodney is none too pleased and he might have to fire her if she won’t shave her legs. But her lesbian lover would leave her if she shaved. Desperate to keep her job, she agrees to give him a blowjob.

As a lesbian, she may not have had much practice with sucking cock but she quickly proves she’s a real pro at it. She sucks his cock, licks and fondles his balls and gives him a sweet rim job too. Soon she reveals her hairy armpits and thick, beautiful bush to Rodney.

She sucks his dick some more then agrees to let him chow down in her hairy pussy. Then he slides his stick deep in her fur-pie. They fuck and suck some more before he coats her face and glasses with huge spew of spunk.

The solo gallery of Elise is pretty nice. There was also another hardcore file, where she does alot of sucking, gets fucked in the mouth and does some asshole licking.

You'd absolutely want to lick her snatch there on the couch and be the one who's fucking her too. Really nice scene here.

These shots all came from Seattle Hairy Girls, which I was just recently checking out for about my 4th or 5th time. They've got lots of very nice horny, hairy and kinky girls worth checking out. There are not many BLACK GIRLS on that site at all, but the membership does include access to some bonus sites.

Two of those bonus sites are Mandingo Madness, which is about hot white girls sucking black dick, and another is called African Angels & Chocolate Honeys. This gallery was on that last site but I found the link in the Seattle Hairy Girls update.

Enjoy this babe. I sure wouldn't mind doing her myself.

Hairy Caribbean Girlfriend

Here's a cute girl called Faride. Think she'd make a good girlfriend? I don't remember seeing her smile in this gallery but that's probably because she needs some attention.

Tell her how cute she is every day and let her take care of your dick whenever you meet up, and there you go! She would soon be smiling much more often.

She's got a decent set of tits on her, not huge but not bad either. And her hairy pits look sexy, too. I think Faride has potential. And I sure didn't mind looking at her naked, either.

You can see more of this girl and check out the entire Hairy Caribbean Girls Collection at Rico's World.

Cute Hairy Amber

Check out this nice looking lady Amber. The official description for this set... Amber has a thick luscious body, with plenty of curves and a fabulous ring of fur. She takes off her panties and whips out her nice jugs. She pulls her legs back and gives up some awesome hairy twat spreads. Enjoy!

Yeah. This is a nice gallery with plenty of wide spread shots. She likes to pull open her pussy and show us her pink. I gave this gallery a rating of 5 out of 5. I'd let her be my girlfriend.

Amber has a hairy ass and a treasure trail. She came along on December 15, 2015, and had nine galleries the last time I checked. There was also one movie of her playing with a dildo on her bed.

She's 19 years old and she loves being kissed on her neck and on her tits. She'd like to try having an all girl foursome. If she called over 3 of her hot friends, would you volunteer to tape if for them?

Ok Amber honey, you just need to make sure those other girls are hairy and make sure they all love to fuck!

You can see more of Amber at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Caribbean Cutie Romalinda

I came across this nice girl Romalinda a good while ago and have been meaning to post some pictures of her. This is a sweet little chick. I love her slim thighs and her hairy pussy.

Romalinda also has some firm looking tits, and those beads in her hair look cool. She looks great when she's naked and still looks cute with her clothes on.

But let's get back to the part about her being naked... isn't that one of the tightest looking hairy slits you've seen in a while? Think you'd like to spend some time with this lady?

You can see more of Romalinda and check out the entire Hairy Caribbean Collection at Rico's World.

Busty Hairy Caribbean Teen

This hairy teenager Estifanie sure has a nice handful there. When she's naked you can't help but notice her huge nipples, but I love the view from the front best.

I'm sure we had spoken about this girl before but couldn't find her, so it must've been someone else similar. Rico's World has so many girls like this, its easy to get them mixed up.

Estifanie looks quite happy to be spreading her hairy snatch in that back alley, maybe more so in this case because at least this time she's got a blanket.

You can see more of Estifanie and plenty more hairy Caribbean girls exclusively at Rico's World.

Super Sweet Manuela

I'm pretty sure I fell in love with this sweet girl the very first time I saw her. A lot of people probably do that.

Manuela looks super sweet in this gallery. She's slim and cute, she has a pretty face and a nice set of tits. And then she lifts the dress and Holy Shit!!

Check out that excellent bush and how nice her trail is... and she has a really nice pussy on her too. You want to put your dick up her, don't you? Everybody probably wants this.

What a little sweety for sure! She's one of my personal favorites from Rico's World. This little chick is awesome!

I really enjoyed checking out all her work. She has some lesbian galleries with another hot hairy babe and some hardcore stuff too. If she wanted to stick her tongue in your asshole, would you let her?

She's a kinky girl for sure, and you'd love to be the one putting your dick in her, absolutely!

You can check all of Manuela's excellent work at Rico's World.


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